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Building With Us

Design Considerations


A property’s Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) is a common design consideration that must be considered in the early planning stages (if applicable). If a block of land has been designated in a bush fire prone area, a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment must be carried out to determine the potential level of bushfire risk to the home as part of the residential building standard - Australian Standard AS 3959-2009.

Six bushfire attack levels (BAL) are used in the Standard ranging from LOW to EXTREME. The assessment should consider a number of various factors including the Fire Danger Index, the slope of the land (upslope and down slope), the types of surrounding vegetation and its proximity to any building.

LP Warren Homes engages a registered building surveyor to undertake the BAL assessment, this then determines the construction methods that must be adhered to when building a home in a bushfire prone area.  There are various construction requirements ranging from ember protection to direct flame contact protection, which LP Warren Homes will guide you through depending on the BAL level. These construction methods are then incorporated into the home design and building specifications which are then approved by the relevant building surveyor engaged by LP Warren Homes.


Our goal at LP Warren Homes is to design unique homes that meet our clients design brief whilst achieving the Building Regulations minimum 6 Star Energy Rating requirement.

Along with sourcing an independent energy rating report from a qualified energy assessor, our in-house design team also take into consideration the energy efficiency of each and every design with site orientation, cross ventilation and glazing requirements just to name a few.

To take advantage of north solar access, we endeavour to locate living spaces facing north. Bedroom facing east, utility rooms facing west and south glazing kept to a minimum where possible. 

We implement optimum levels of ceiling, wall and floor insulation. Also using quality windows, doors & draft sealing throughout our homes to ensure we achieve a comfortable, liveable and energy efficient home each and every time.