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Duplex/Multi Dwelling Building

LP Warren Homes not only specialize in sloping blocks and luxury designs but with our extensive building knowledge and current council relationship we have the ability to design and construct multi-dwellings, duplex or unit developments.

Whether you have your own permit and have achieved a design to suit or would like to commence the process from the start with our sales design and architect we can certainly accommodate your needs.

It is very important that when assessing your overall capacity and land ability to subdivide or build multi units that you understand the building regulations, overall % overlays and council requirements – to achieve a successful application.

And most importantly you design for a successful investment and return on your property working to a budget.

Time and money can be exhausted going direct to your own architect without understanding the build cost and developing a design that isn’t affordable, functionable and appealing to investors – our team have the experience to prevent this occurring and can accommodate any site with a realistic approach!

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