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Custom Luxury Home Design Diamond Creek

A custom design is a one-off design that is unique and has never been drawn or built before.

It can be described as a melting pot of client thoughts, ideas, common sense, innovation and lifestyle requirements. This architectural approach allows each client to have a home design tailor made to suit their individual needs.

LP Warren Homes has the custom design expertise, a team of building professionals, building methods, quality workmanship, reputable tradesmen and affordability that sets us apart from our competitors.

We have a hands-on personalised approach that supports clients from the start of the custom design process right through to home completion to ensure the very best outcome is achieved.

We utilise an advanced computer software program called ArchiCad which allows each client to see their custom design in 3D. It is a virtual tour designed to enable each client to experience a three-dimensional perspective of their new home before a brick is laid or a nail hammered.

Flexibility is the foundation of LP Warrens Home building philosophy. Our friendly building team are more than happy to discuss any projects that have been drawn up by an architect or draftsman and provide a ballpark estimation.

Our real specialty is drawing plans to fit within Owners own budgets at affordable pricing, so it may be that we can suggest some structural changes that can save you considerable money on your build.

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