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Sloping Blocks & Difficult Sites

Sloping Blocks:

Sloping blocks often have all or some of the following characteristics:

• No driveway access
• Steep driveway access
• Dense vegetation
• A minimum 2 metre of fall over the building area
• Tight or restricted access i.e. narrow block with fences erected

Difficult Sites

Difficult Sites can be categorised as:

• Blocks restricted by overhead power lines
• Tight turning circles from road to driveway
• Generally located at an inner city location
• Require road traffic management due to one way road access
• Dual occupancy blocks which often have limited access and a house either at the front or rear of the block that generally makes it difficult for trucks or machinery to access the site
• Sites with a large percentage of low quality fill, controlled fill certified by an engineer or fill that has not compacted – generally require additional foundation engineering and can lead to an increase the cost of site works

The Challenges of building on a Sloping Block or Difficult Site

Building on a sloping block or a difficult site has many challenges:

• The gradient of the block
• Height restrictions
• Overlooking
• Drainage
• Soil retention
• Engineering
• Council compliance

Unlike many less experienced builders LP Warren Homes addresses each and every one of these challenges in detail to ensure each valued customer has a worry free build.

Gradient of Block

We endeavour to create a design that maximises and suits the gradient of each sloping block to ensure minimal cut and fill requirements to contain costs. However, the clients design brief is also a priority – it is a delicate balancing act.

There are many design options for building on a sloping block:

• Split level
• Double storey
• Triple storey
• Basements

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