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The LP Warren Difference

Why you’ll be glad you chose LP Warren Homes

Clients choose to build with LP Warren Homes for the following reasons:

• We are the Original Sloping Block Specialist
• We offer Personalised service
• Customised Design Service – Unique 3D Design Consultation Service
• Superior Customer Service – Putting you the customer first
• Peace of Mind
• Superior Quality

The Original Sloping Block Specialist:

LP Warren Homes designs and constructs homes for difficult sites that other builders lack the confidence and skills to tackle. We are the original sloping block specialist and have seen many competitors enter this difficult market over the years. LP Warren Homes has proven to be the ONLY builder to stand the test of time – over 50 years in fact.

Personalised Service:

We have a professional and experienced team that can offer personalised service. We have a flexible, consultative approach tailored for each individual client which is a rare amongst our competitors.

We offer a one-on-one personal service throughout the entire design and building process for our clients. Each client is allocated a dedicated Sales Consultant who oversees the sale from deposit to contract stage.

Then the customer service team in conjunction with the Site Supervisor manage each client’s building project after that. This collaborative team approach ensures that each stage of the building process is managed by staff members with the appropriate experience for the task.

Customised Design Service – Unique 3D Design Consultation Service:

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver quality custom design and building solutions for our customers. Each client’s project is treated as their ‘Dream Home’ and we understand that your building project design will be unique from concept to completion.

Our in-house design team which includes a qualified draftsman and interior design consultant meet with each client and ensure the design has met all the individual client requests and needs.

The design is then made into a unique 3D image concept which the draftsman and a sales consultant present to the client. It is a personalised television walk through of their customised design. This allows the client a great visual perspective of the feel of the home and simulates viewing a project home.

Superior Customer Service – Putting you the customer first:

LP Warren Homes strive to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. We deliver the following:

• Superior workmanship
• Excellent value for money
• Quality materials and products
• Integrity in our dealings with every client

We have a flexible, consultative approach tailored for each client which is rare amongst our competitors. We offer a one-on-one personal service throughout the entire design process for every individual client. Any query no matter how small will be dealt with quickly and efficiently to ensure your peace of mind.

Peace of mind:

LP Warren is a financially stable building company that is committed to meeting all contractual commitments and warranty obligations. We hold all relevant industry insurances that are applicable to all job sites i.e. public liability insurance, home warranty insurance and Certificate of Currency (Work cover).

The business is very proud to boast that its core team of tradesmen has been a part of LP Warren Homes for over 30 years, with many of them having worked with the company since its inception. Many now have their sons contracting with LP Warren Homes. There are very few Melbourne or even Australian builders that are able to demonstrate such continuity, experience and stability in their trades. This is a real strength of the business.

We are not a volume builder and because we build fewer homes we can guarantee a higher standard of customer service and personal attention while your home is being built. We use quality materials and follow building specifications stringently. We don’t cut corners.

Superior Quality:

LP Warren Homes has built its reputation by delivering superior quality of materials, products, service and workmanship. We are passionate about delivering quality and integrity in all our projects.

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